New grant awarded by NCI

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has awarded a new grant (Phase II STTR) for technology transfer efforts focused on “Automated Problem and Allergy Lists Enrichment Based on High Accuracy Information Extraction from the Electronic Health Record,” on a new system to automatically extract structured and coded medical problems and allergies from clinical narrative text in the EHR of patients suffering from cancer, and established its feasibility. To advance this new system from a prototype to an accurate, adaptable, and robust system, integrated into the commercial EHR system used in our implementation and testing site (Medical University of South Carolina and Hollings Cancer Center, Charleston, South Carolina), and ready for commercialization efforts, we will work on the following aims: 1) enhance the NLP system performance, scalability, and quality, 2) develop an advanced visualization interface for local adaptation of the NLP system, and 3) integrate the NLP system with a commercial EHR system.