Multiple publications at the Medinfo 2019 conference

Paul Heider and Stephane Meystre presented multiple publications at the international Medinfo 2019 conference in Lyon, France:

  • Kim, Y., & Meystre, S. M. (2019). A Study of Medical Problem Extraction for Better Disease Management. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 264, 193–197.
  • Heider, P. M., & Meystre, S. M. (2019). Patient-Pivoted Automated Trial Eligibility Pipeline: The First of Three Phases in a Modular Architecture. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 264, 1476–1477.
  • Heider, P., & Meystre, S. M. (2019). A Corpus Munging Tool for Profiling Approaches to Sentence Boundary Detection. Medinfo 2019, Lyon, France.
  • Heider, P., Accetta, J.-K., & Meystre, S. M. (2019). ETUDE: Demonstrating Multiple Matching Styles and Offset Calculators within a Natural Language Processing Evaluation Tool. Medinfo 2019, Lyon, France.