Grant awarded by SCRA for Technology-enabled Population Health

Clinical Information Abstractor Powering a Dynamic Patient Clinical Summary Dashboard.

To provide clinicians with a complete and timely summary of all key patient information, updated in real time, we propose a Clinical Information Abstractor (CIAO) based on the CliniWhiz system to automatically extract all key patient information from clinical notes in their EHR with high accuracy, and combine it with existing structured data to eventually offer a dynamic summary dashboard of patient clinical information. In this application, we propose a pilot study to extend CliniWhiz to treatment information (focused on medications) and investigation information (focused on laboratory test results). To accomplish this undertaking, we will focus on the following specific aims as a collaboration between the Medical University of South Carolina, Clinacuity Inc. and the College of Charleston:

Overall objective: Establish the merit and feasibility of automatically extracting a dynamic patient summary from clinical text notes using a high accuracy NLP system focused on medications and laboratory tests.

Grant awarded by the South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA)